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EMI shielding powder
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EMI/RFI Shielding Powder - Nickel clad graphite composite Powder

Nickel clad graphite EMI/RFI shielding materials combines the advantages of both metal and graphite. Graphite is in low density and soft with good thermal stability, chemical stability and excellent electrical conductivity. It can also reflect electromagnetic wave. The higher the frequency is the high the reflectivity is. It exhibits high shielding effectiveness to high frequency electromagnetic radiation (30MHZ~2GHZ). Nickel can absorb electromagnetic radiation and adjust the electrical performance and magnetic performance in the composite material. Therefore, nickel clad graphite composite powder has optimal shielding capabilities over wide frequency range, resulting in broad application prospect.

Nickel clad graphite powder series have different particle size distribution, different nickel content and different shape to meet various application demands. Graphite powder in low density is combined with nickel shell to form a light filler. It is preferred for EMI gaskets and seals and can be used in molded, extruded or form-in-place application.

Advantages of conductive fillers:

Shielding effectiveness: superior to carbon black and slightly inferior to pure silver; comparable to silver clad material over wide frequency range.

Excellent corrosion resistance: the protective shields of most conductive gaskets are made of aluminum. Nickel has good compatibility with aluminum shell.

Favorable price: the price of nickel clad graphite is just 1/3 to 1/4 to that of silver clad material.

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